Early in 2016, my first published work was a flash piece in Steam Flashes, but now I have also had a 7,500 word short story printed in Airships & Automata. More pieces in progress, and hopefully out before too long!

Steam Flashes

ISBN: 9780956514714

'Steam Flashes' is a anthology of Steampunk flash fiction, with short stories from 17 contributors, as well as articles, photographs and art. All profits from this book go to New Futures Nepal, who raise funds for and awareness of disadvantaged and disabled youngsters and adults in Nepal.


My contribution is "Living Goddess", concerning the Nepali tradition of the Kumari-Devi, the Living Goddess of Kathmandu.


£10 plus P&P


Airships & Automata

Airships & Automata is collection of fascinating, enthralling and inventive short stories, stretching the imaginations of readers with an interest in steampunk, put together by Cogsmith Publishing.

 Cogsmith Publishing is a new small press publisher primarily interested in working within the Steampunk genre. We have assembled an anthology of nine short stories by writers who have published within this genre before alongside those who do write science fiction but have not specifically written steampunk before.

Although a variety of definitions of what constitutes steampunk have been offered, none have been accepted by all so we decided to ask the writers to submit stories that fit within the definition of 'science fiction inspired by the Victorian aesthetic' and which mention as a part of their narrative either automata or airships.

Digital Version (epub & mobi)     £2.99

Paperback                                       £6.99 plus P&P

Edgar Allan Ho

Venus de Vilo is without doubt the Republic of Ireland's dark queen of gothic horror music. For the fifth anniversary of her "Edgar Allan Ho" album, she released a new version with remixes and a pdf of artwork and short stories associated with the tracks. My contribution to this was "Miss Frankensten", a story based on one of my favourite songs from the album.

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