Living Goddess

The travellers sat around a shared campfire on a chilly night
in Ladakh. They had shared songs and stories, and one of
the merchants had just told a tall tale of his escapades.
“Tell me; have you ever heard of the Kumari-Devi, the
Living Goddess of Kathmandu?” asked the elderly Pandit
“It is a belief of the Nepali that a specially chosen girl
becomes the Goddess until she bleeds, then becomes
mortal again and another is chosen. Thus has it been for
many ages, and I would tell you of the daughter of Kuldeep
who became Goddess.”



Flugmaschine, Or How Germany Conquered the Skies


Riding through the pastures and birch woods on a glorious autumnal day, listening to the birdsong and mainly allowing my filly her head, I found myself wending my way along a wagon track which was new to me. I still had some hours of freedom to enjoy, and started to wonder where this little track would take me?


Shortly it turned through the trees into a clearing in which stood a ramshackle wooden building of indeterminate function. It could be a barn or a workshop, with some traces of old paint clinging to warped planks, and a poorly maintained shingle roof vaguely covering the interior, but there were certain things which drew me towards it like an iron filing to a magnet. There were smoking chimneys jutting through the roof like metal fungi, there were enticing smells of oils, chemicals and ozone, but most of all there were the unmistakable sounds of machinery in motion.

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